David D'Imperio - Linear Suspension / Beeline


Linear Suspension LED

Available lengths: 50", 70"

The exterior of Beeline is a honeycomb of stainless steel. Each facet arranged at a different angle. The design can appear to be made of a variety of metals dependent on the ambient light and colors. The interior architecture is aluminum.

It is suspended on both ends via small diameter stainless cables. A stainless steel canopy mounts to a standard ceiling junction box. Power may be supplied to the center of the fixture or off-center as required.

The 50" version produces 2,600 lumens at 3,000°K and uses 40 watts.
The 70" version produces 3,900 lumens and uses 60 watts.
Output is dimmable.

Measures approximately: 48" or 70" long x 6" high x 4" wide
Suspended drop is adjustable to approximately 50". Other suspensions available.

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